Spring Uplift | March 2020 Sales

Dearest valued customers,

It’s a celebration of one year into the pandemic. I say that with tongue firmly planted in my cheek. Wow, we sure didn’t think we would still be mired in this state at all. Under these trying circumstances,  we have been able to identify the things that we really feel to be important in our lives, and that is our relationships.

I value my relationship with all of you, and am grateful everyday, that we have been able to make the pandemic a little easier to ride. That we can keep everyone safe and yet still provide our product has been extremely satisfying.  

Here are our specials this month. With the demise of Grand Cru, you will notice some new varietals in the Cru International group. I think you will find these to be better and a great value.

Next week, watch for a second sale email, as we have a something very special to offer.

Brenda Spencer
Owner, Main West U Brew Wines

March 2021 Wine Specials

En Primeur – $10 OFF!

Italian Super Tuscan (Red)
Italian Pinot Grigio

Cru Select – $8 OFF!

French Merlot (Red)
German Gewurtztraminer (White)

Cru International – $10 OFF!

**New varietals**

Italian Valpola (Red)
German Riesling (White)