Hello, fellow wine crafters!

May is upon us, which means it’s time to drink up some Sauvignon Blanc! That’s right – this month, we have multiple blends of your favourite white wine on sale from a variety of beautiful locations. Whether you are looking for the refreshing grassy notes of an Ontario Sauvignon Blanc, the intense flavours of grapefruit peel of a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, or the aromas of apple, lemon, and kiwi of a South African Sauvignon Blanc, we have got you covered. More details are listed below. Sale ends May 31 while supplies last.

If you have any questions about our sale, the wine making process, or anything at all, please don’t hesitate to pop by in-store or reach out by phone at (905)-523-8199. 


May 2019 Wine Specials

Grand Cru – $4.00 OFF! 

Sauvignon Blanc (White)
Vieux Chateau du Roi (Red)

Cru International Wine Kit Main West U Brew Wines

Grand Cru International – $5.00 OFF! 

Ontario Sauvignon Blanc (White)
Argentina Malbec Syrah (Red)

Cru Select Box Main West U Brew Wines

Cru Select – $6.00 OFF! 

New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc (White)
Italy Rosso Grande (Red)

EnPrimeur Winery Series Wine Kit

En Primuer Winery Series with Grape Skins  – $8.00 OFF! 

South African Sauvignon Blanc (White)
Hightail Niagara Merlot (Red)

Selection Wine Kits Main West U Brew Wines Hamilton

Selection  – $6.00 OFF!

California Sauvignon Blanc (White)
Argentine Malbec (Red)

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Orchard Breezin’ Fruit Wines  – $5.00 OFF!

Tropical Lime (White)
Strawberry Sensation (White)
Peach Perfection (White)
Green Apple Delight (White)
Cranapple Celebration (White)
Rocking Raspberry (Rosé)
Watermelon Grapefruit (Red)
Very Black Cherry (Red)
Seville Orange Sangria (Red)
Pomegranate Wildberry Wave (Red)
Cranberry Craze (Red)
Blueberry Bliss (Red)
Blackberry Blast (Red)
Acai Raspberry Rapture (Red)